MegaPOV source code repository

Welcome to the MegaPOV source code repository. If you don't know what MegaPOV is or have no interest in the MegaPOV development you are probably wrong here and should go to the MegaPOV website.

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Make sure you read the use, distribution, and source code license of POV-Ray when using these files.

Getting started

The MegaPOV source code is managed with the Mercurial Source Control Management system. If you want to get actively involved in MegaPOV development you should consider getting this tool. We encourage everyone who develops unofficial extensions of POV-Ray or creates derived versions of MegaPOV to make available their changes in Mercurial format. This will simplify integrating such modifications into the main MegaPOV codebase.

If you cannot or don't want to use Mercurial you can get the development snapshot on the right. This package is updated regularly and contains the full content of the repository.

To create an own local repository with Mercurial do the following:

  1. Download and install Mercurial.
  2. Create a new and empty project directory somewhere on your file system and build an empty repository there:
    $ cd <project-dir>
    $ hg init
  3. Get the current repository bundle from the box on the right and do:
    $ hg unbundle megapov-init.hg
    $ hg update
  4. Pull the latest changes from the MegaPOV web repository:
    $ hg pull
    $ hg update
    Please always get the bundle before, don't pull the full content into an empty repository. The resources on the webserver are limited and pulling the whole content takes a lot of server resources and bandwidth.

Building the repository content

The repository does not contain all the files in the release source packages. The easiest way to build the content is to copy it over a source package for your platform. You might need to manually add new files to the build system. For Unix systems we will add a script to generate all required files when we find the time to sufficiently clean it up and document it.

Working on the code

Some more help on working with Mercurial can be found in the tutorial and other material on the Mercurial site. If you want to share modifications of MegaPOV for example in the POV-Ray newsgroups you can use the Mercurial export function. If you want to publish larger changes you can use the bundle function.

If you are developing patches for POV-Ray this public repository should help you to keep them in sync with MegaPOV codebase. This will simplify work for you and also make it easier for us to integrate new patches and changes into MegaPOV. We also hope the source access will intensify testing of patches before the release and thereby improve the quality of the code.

Getting involved

Even if you are not working on the POV-Ray source code there are a lot of ways you can participate in MegaPOV, for example by:

If you are interested in participating visit the povray.unofficial.patches newsgroup on the POV-Ray newsserver. You can also contact us via EMail.

Copyright 2006 by MegaPOV Team, last modified Tue, 29 Aug 2006 18:32